Wednesday, June 08, 2005

June 07, 2005

LONDON – txtNation, a three-year-old British phone services company, has launched, a mobile web application that allows subscribers to manage their own SMS dating application.

“Text messaging is huge all over Europe,” txtNation president Michael Whelan told XBiz. “Over time, for adult chats, swingers, bloggers, et cetera, it will become a solution for adult webmasters.”

Users create profiles and can search for local dating matches within a “skin” they can customize themselves. The skin can be a phone-sized version of their own website, or the website of the affiliate program to which they belong.

txtNation also created Enable, an SMS billing solution that will be an option for PeopleFind. Customers do not need to use credit cards, but will be charged a premium rate for date-texting on their phones.

“This is an alternative for people who don’t want the chargeback problems associated with Visa,” Whelan said.

The application has been in development for 18 months and went into beta testing earlier this year. A United States zip code database that allows searching for American consumers is on schedule to be incorporated in three weeks.

“Chatting has definitely arrived,” Whelan said, stating that users can enjoy mobile to mobile, mobile to web, web to mobile and web to web flirt, date and chat communication, with full operator support. “It’s a very viable option for webmasters.”