Friday, June 03, 2005

June 03, 2005

PLYMOUTH, UK - The Brit Mobile Solutions specialists txtNation are poised to become key players in emerging new billion dollar industry. It may come as no surprise that erotica already accounts for more than 40% of wireless data revenues – such services historically have driven initial growth in any new medium, and it would appear that mobile devices are establishing themselves as the VCR of the new millennium. End-users are actively seeking out and receiving services for their personal portable pleasure anytime, and more importantly, anyplace.

One company that are ideally positioned to capitalize on the expected boom in such services are, the adult division of holding company, who are based in the UK which is fast becoming the silicon valley of all things mobile. The company is currently experiencing exponential growth with over 4000 clients and growing fast by deploying a dual strategy of on-going development of complex mobile solutions together with global billing and offering these to AWM in an open architecture, non-exclusive, modular basis.

"Our rapid growth can be attributed to the fact that all our management team come from a mobile industry background and have collectively amassed extensive experience in this field", observes Marc Jarrett, adult business development manager. "This, together with the ongoing liberalization regarding the sale of mobile erotica in many of the key global markets reinforces our belief that we are in the right place, at the right time."

Amongst txtNation`s impressive portfolio of product are which allows surfers to pay for website access by SMS, the popular web-to-mobile tool that allows AWM to sell their content straight to cellphones, and allowing customer`s to capitalize on the phenomenal popularity of SMS chat.

Furthermore, the company is due to launch mPUSHlive next month, which will support live-streaming to mobile – widely considered by many industry observers to become the next killer app of wireless, which Larry Flynt recently described as "the wave of the future, the crown jewel in the electronic distribution and delivery of content".

"Anyone involved in Web Livecam operations should not miss out on this one" notes Jarrett. "Web-to-mobile can be seamlessly integrated into existing operations - a new client base and revenue-stream overnight. This is a premium service for which customers will be prepared to pay a premium price. What is more, cellphone owners are already used to paying for content like ringtones for, and by means of, their cellphones."

Worldwide, the cellphone "tuning" market is already estimated to be a $2bn industry in its own right, and Txtnation have an extensive library of mobile content that can be promoted both online and off.

The thorny issue of unauthorised access to adult mobile services by minors is one that txtNation takes very seriously, and currently rates content in line with UK regulations so as to help safeguard the longevity of this new sales channel. "We are working closely with carriers to help develop viable verification procedures", confirms Jarrett.

All of the services currently on offer work with all current 2.5G GPRS-enabled handsets and the end-user experience will only improve as 3G handset penetration continues to grow globally.

Developing state-of-the art mobile solutions remains central to txtNation`s growth strategy, as the recent launch of their product bears witness, allowing dating and community websites to go mobile and take the end-user experience to the next level.

"Playboy, Hustler, Ron Jeremy, Private – all these Brands are positioning themselves to take a piece of what promises to be a very big pie"’ concludes Jarrett "Our solutions allow both companies large and small to start making mobile money".

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About the holding company
Adultmobilesolutions is the adult division of which was formed in 2002 in order to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by the convergence of mobile, web and billing technologies.

Part of the DCS Group of companies, a public listed company with turnover in excess of $134m, the company`s mission statement is offer "fully customised mobile commerce solutions". The company have had a head start over the competition, borne out of the fact that they already have had extensive experience of delivering complex software solutions.

The company has interconnect and revenue-share agreements in place with all cellphone operators that support the Premium SMS billing mechanism and offers 24/7 customer support for both customers and end-users.